From Excel Chaos to Global Reach: A Garment Manufacturer's ERP Success Story

Before Us: The Client's Struggle

The client, previously reliant on Shopify, faced limitations in inventory tracking and workflow management. Their current system relied heavily on error-prone Excel spreadsheets, creating a cumbersome and inefficient operation. They sought a more robust solution to effectively manage inventory, establish a multi-language/multi-currency website, and automate shipping label creation.

Understanding the Needs, Building the Plan​

We recommended migrating from Shopify and abandoning the supplementary spreadsheet system. In their place, we proposed a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that would function as a full-fledged Warehouse Management System (WMS). This integrated approach would provide real-time inventory tracking and cost analysis.

Our Tailored Solution​

We became their expert “tailors,” crafting a solution that perfectly fit their needs. Here’s what we did:

  • Business Process Mapping & Standardization: We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s business processes and recommended a standardized system for sales and purchasing.

  • ERP Implementation: By implementing the ERP solution, the client gained the ability to track real inventory costs and streamline overall workflow management.

  • Automated Shipping Integration: We established a seamless connection between the ERP, the client’s shipping provider, and the automated shipping label generation system.

  • Financial Data Migration: We facilitated the setup of their chart of accounts and imported their historical sales and purchase data for the past five years.

  • Enhanced inventory management: We designed a new SKU classification system and established a product assembly process for improved organization and cost tracking.
  • Built a headless e-commerce platform (WordPress + WooCommerce): This platform offered multi-language (WPML) and multi-currency (WMCL) functionality, expanding their global reach. We leveraged the integrated geolocation features to personalize the store experience for different regions. WooCommerce’s robust plugin ecosystem allowed for seamless integration with:
    • MailChimp: Streamlined customer communications and marketing automation.

    • Cin7 Core ERP: Full order synchronization for accurate inventory management.
    • StarShipIT: Efficient order fulfillment through automated shipping integration with the ERP.

The Results

By eliminating spreadsheet chaos, this manufacturer achieved:

  • Global reach: A seamless online store catered to a wider audience with regional customization.
  • Increased efficiency: Streamlined workflows improved overall operations.
  • Enhanced control: Real-time inventory tracking empowered better decision-making.
  • Seamless Communication: Integrated MailChimp ensured effective customer communication.

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