From Server Chaos to Streamlined DAM: Empowering a Local TV Station

Before Us: The Client's Struggle

Managing a vast library of digital assets – clips, bumpers, lower-third templates, promotional content, station identifiers – is a constant hurdle, especially when spread across multiple file servers with large disk arrays. The client needed a centralized solution to streamline their Digital Asset Management (DAM) process. This solution ideally would allow for:

  • Uploading a still frame for easy visual reference for each clip.

  • Categorizing assets for efficient organization.

  • Recording folder paths for quick access.

  • Adding detailed descriptions and relevant keywords for effective search and filtering based on asset type.

The Shortcomings of Existing Solutions:

While the client was aware of existing DAM systems, they found them overly complex. The manual data entry required for each file was time-consuming, and the sheer number of mandatory fields felt excessive. Additionally, the cost and setup time associated with these solutions were prohibitive due to budget constraints.

Understanding the Needs, Building the Plan​

To address these challenges, the ideal solution would be a streamlined and user-friendly system. Key features included:

  • Fast data upload: Minimize data entry time.

  • Customizable fields: Allow users to designate mandatory fields based on specific needs.

  • Simplified interface: Limit management functions to no more than five screens for an intuitive user experience.

  • Lightweight architecture: Ensure efficient data processing without requiring significant resources.

This combination of features would empower users to quickly upload and manage their digital assets while adhering to budget limitations.

Leveraging a cloud-based web server provider offered several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, scalability, and ease of access.

We recommended leveraging a cloud-based web server provider to host a custom solution built on the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) — WordPress. This approach ensured adherence to the client’s requirements for:

  • Speed

  • Budget constraints

  • User-friendliness

JetEngine, a popular add-on for the chosen CMS, emerged as the perfect development tool. JetEngine’s strength lies in its ability to transform WordPress into a full-fledged Model-View-Controller (MVC) environment, providing the flexibility and structure needed for this project.

Our Tailored Solution​

Our development team designed templates for:

  • Listing media file custom data

  • Uploading and editing assets

  • Search functionality

This streamlined development process allowed us to complete the solution within a single week, proving that sometimes complex problems can be tackled with relatively simple solutions. By leveraging existing technologies and focusing on core functionalities, we empowered the client with a user-friendly DAM system that addressed their specific needs and budget constraints.

The Results

  • Centralized Asset Management: The custom-built DAM system replaced the reliance on multiple file servers, creating a central location for all digital assets. This likely improved accessibility and streamlined workflows for the client’s team.
  • Improved Asset Organization: Features like uploading still frames for reference, asset categorization, and folder path recording likely facilitated a more organized and efficient digital library.
  • Reduced Data Entry Time: The focus on fast data upload and customizable fields (allowing designation of mandatory fields) suggests a reduction in time spent manually entering information for each asset.
  • Simplified User Experience: The emphasis on a user-friendly interface with limited screens likely resulted in a more intuitive and efficient experience for users managing and searching the digital asset library.
  • Enhanced Search and Filtering: The inclusion of detailed descriptions, keywords, and search functionality suggests improved capabilities for quickly finding specific assets based on type and relevant criteria.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By leveraging a cloud-based solution built on existing technologies (WordPress and JetEngine), the project likely adhered to the client’s budget constraints without compromising functionality.
  • Rapid Implementation: Completing the solution within a week demonstrates the efficiency of the development process and the effectiveness of the chosen approach.