Beyond the Green: Creating a Networking Hub for Business Golfers

Before Us: The Client's Struggle

The client approached us with a compelling concept: a business golf platform facilitating connections through golf outings. However, this idea required refinement for market readiness. The client understood the need to test various conversion optimization strategies. Our solution involved building a full Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework to encapsulate the core business logic.

Existing Website:

The client had previously launched a website with a graphic designer. However, critical brand assets were missing, including a master logo file and a brand book. Furthermore, the website lacked defined design guidelines beyond the homepage and a few additional pages. Budget constraints precluded additional design work, necessitating creative utilization of existing resources to achieve a presentable website.

Understanding the Needs, Building the Plan​

Following our discovery process, we recommended a cost-effective solution leveraging a combination of popular technologies: WordPress as the foundation, Elementor for rapid page building, and JetEngine for advanced functionality, to allow for the custom development to achieve the following:

  • Membership Management: Develop a system for user registration, membership tiers, and subscription management.

  • Event Creation & Management: Build functionalities for creating, editing, and managing golf outings, including scheduling, invitations, and Ordering.

  • Networking Features: Implement features to facilitate networking between users, such as searchable networking groups and connection facilitation.

  • Integration with Payment Gateway: Integrate a secure payment gateway to allow users to pay for memberships and event fees seamlessly.

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Transformation: Easyly transform the website into a PWA, offering an app-like experience accessible on any device without requiring app store downloads.

This technology stack, combined with custom development, offered several advantages:

  • Client-driven content updates: WordPress empowers the client to manage website content independently.

  • Agile business logic adjustments: JetEngine facilitates cost-effective modifications to the business logic within the MVC model. This streamlined approach significantly reduces development time compared to traditional methods, making this our preferred prototyping platform.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Custom development enabled us to create a user-friendly platform specifically tailored to the client’s business model and user needs.

Our Tailored Solution​

By implementing this strategy, we empowered the client to launch a functional and adaptable business platform within budget constraints in a very short time, allowing for quicker changes in the business logic whenever required.

The Results

  • Market-Ready Platform: Working with the client, IngenIT refined the initial concept, resulting in a business golf platform concept ready for market launch.
  • Rapid Development and Launch: Leveraging a cost-effective technology stack (WordPress, Elementor, JetEngine) facilitated a streamlined development process, enabling the client to launch a functional platform within budget and time constraints.
  • Client Content Management: WordPress empowered the client to manage website content independently, offering greater control and flexibility.
  • Agile Business Logic Adjustments: JetEngine facilitated cost-effective modifications to the core business logic within the MVC framework. This streamlined approach allowed for quicker adaptation and updates as needed.