Building a Fresh Brand Identity for Pescados Ideal Seafood​

Pescados Ideal Seafood, a Mexican company dedicated to online marketing of fresh and frozen fish and seafood, approached us with the challenge of developing a brand identity that reflects their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their mission and vision statements (see below) showcase their dedication to providing exceptional service and becoming a leader in the national seafood market.

Client Vision & Values

  • Mission: To deliver fresh and frozen fish and seafood of the highest quality through online marketing, leveraging a highly qualified team, cutting-edge technology, and optimal product handling practices.

  • Vision: To establish a national presence as the most innovative and efficient seafood company in Mexico, achieving profitability while exceeding customer expectations and contributing to the country’s economic and social development.

  • Values: Competitiveness, Service, Safety, Honesty, Respect, Harmony

Understanding the Competitive Landscape

A competitive analysis revealed that the dominant color palette and visual imagery used by competitors in the seafood industry leaned heavily on blues, oranges, and fish-related icons. This presented a strategic opportunity to differentiate Pescados Ideal Seafood by exploring a broader and more unique color spectrum.

Crafting a Distinctive Brand Identity

Initial Logo Exploration

We began by brainstorming and sketching a variety of logo concepts in black and white, exploring different design directions that would resonate with the client’s vision and target audience.

Client-Favored Logo Refinement

Following a collaborative discussion with the client, a preferred logo direction was chosen. We then embarked on a process of refining the chosen logo based on the client’s feedback, ensuring it effectively communicated the brand’s core values and personality.

Color Palette Exploration & Integration

Informed by the competitive analysis, we explored a diverse range of color palettes, ultimately selecting a combination that complemented the chosen logo design and evoked a sense of freshness, quality, and reliability, aligning perfectly with Pescados Ideal Seafood’s brand message.

Finalized Brand Mark

The culmination of the design process resulted in a polished and distinctive brand mark (logo) that embodies Pescados Ideal Seafood’s commitment to excellence. The final logo design effectively sets the brand apart from competitors and serves as a cornerstone for their visual identity across all marketing materials. (Insert Images Here)

Building the Brand Identity

To ensure consistent brand application across various media, we provided Pescados Ideal Seafood with a comprehensive brand book. This brand book serves as a style guide, outlining the following key elements:

  • Logo Usage: Proper logo usage guidelines across various applications, including size variations, color variations, and clear space requirements.

  • Color Palette: The official brand color palette with specific color codes for digital and print applications.

  • Typography: The designated fonts for headlines, body text, and any other stylistic elements used within the brand identity.

  • Imagery: Guidelines for selecting and using brand-aligned imagery that complements the overall brand aesthetic.

  • Applications: Examples of how the brand identity is implemented across various marketing materials, such as social media graphics, website design elements, and print materials (envelopes, letterheads, etc.)


By collaborating closely with Pescados Ideal Seafood and leveraging a strategic design approach, we successfully developed a unique and impactful brand identity. This new brand identity, complete with a comprehensive brand book, empowers Pescados Ideal Seafood to stand out in a crowded marketplace and effectively communicate their values and offerings to their target audience.